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Wealth management caters to individuals with assets to provide investment management services that preserve and increase wealth. Wealth management services combine financial and investment advice as well as legal and estate planning based on your personal criteria and financial goals.

Asset allocation and portfolio planning is critical to successful investing. Asset allocation is the foundation to a strong portfolio and has a positive impact on your overall performance. Not only does asset allocation mix of stocks, bonds, cash and other asset classes, but it incorporates market assumptions, future trends, and historical performance so your portfolio does not remain static. Portfolio planning and investing consider events such as estate planning, capital gains implications, and retirement planning when designing your individual portfolio. It gives you an increased level of integrated strategies to successfully manage and grow your capital and achieve the financial goals that you’ve set for you and your family. Regular portfolio reviews ensure that your plans are on track. When planning and investing your portfolio funds, consider the following areas of activity and how your portfolio is affected:

Estate Planning
Capital and Income Tax Planning
Personal and Family Protection
Tax Investment Strategies
Retirement Planning
Early Pension Fund Release

The time horizon for your financial goals can be short term, medium term, or long term. Whether your goals are immediate or long-term, designing a fully integrated and personalized financial plan is the best way to ensure capital preservation and financial growth.

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