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Need for Advisory Services

Most people who have built wealth didn’t do so overnight. They got wealthy by setting goals and striving to reach them. Imagine you want to buy a car a year from now, but you don’t know where the down-payment will come from. Planned investment in Mutual Fund is a perfect tool for people who have a specific, future financial requirement. By investing an amount of your choice, either lump sum or every month, you can plan for and meet financial goals, like funds for a child’s education, a marriage in the family or a comfortable post retirement life. Investments increase by generating income (interest or dividends) or by growing (appreciating) in value. Income earned from your investments and any appreciation in the value of your investments increase your wealth. When you are saving and investing, the amount of expected return is based on the amount of risk you take with your money. Generally, the higher the risk of losing money, the higher the expected return. For less risk, an investor should expect a smaller return.

Financial Plan

A comprehensive strategy designed to help individuals achieve specific financial goals and prepare for unexpected life challenges or events. Financial planning helps you make advance provision for financial needs that will arise in the future. The objective of financial planning is to ensure that the right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right point in the future to achieve an individual's life goals. Financial plans may include investing, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, education funding, accumulation funding, estate planning and insurance. A proper asset allocation is what makes a financial plan most effective

Financial Advisor

An investment professional who provides financial planning and advice to help individuals achieve and address a multitude of financial goals and insurance needs. The key function of a Financial Advisor or planner is to help people identify their financial planning needs, their present priorities and the products that are most suitable to meet their needs. A Financial Advisor normally possesses detailed knowledge of a wide range of financial planning tools and products, but his major role is to help clients choose the best products for each need.

Advisory Services available with Suvridhi Capital

As a valued investor with Suvridhi Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd, you get a multitude of investment account services designed to simplify and enhance the management of your wealth. Here we provide a comprehensive list and an explanation of all the services that aid in helping you manage your investments.

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