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Retail Investor is an individual who buy and sell securities for their personal account, and not for another company or organization. Also known as "individual investor" or "small investor". Retail investors buy in much smaller quantities than larger institutional investors. Primary objectives of investing by a retail investor are :

Accumulation of wealth
Tax planning
Asset allocation
Risk management
Retirement planning
Education funding
Estate planning

Why Mutual Funds

Mutual fund is one of those tools of investing into the equity and commodities market which an average retail investor, who doesn’t have enough knowledge of market but want to earn something more than then Bank Deposits, can look up to. With a limited stock of cash funds at his disposal the retail investor many a times cannot get into the blue chip stocks or take a stand in the market. Mutual Funds help such retail investors to take an entry into such areas even with a small ticket size.

Why Suvridhi

Suvridhi Capital Markets Pvt Ltd, as your personal Financial Advisor can help you to :

Identify your financial planning needs & priorities and recommend the products that are most suitable to meet such needs.

As a professional Financial Advisor, we possess detailed knowledge of a wide range of financial planning tools and products, which are utilized to help clients choose the best products for each need.

As our loyalty is to the client, not the product we sell, we provide you with unbiased advice and recommend products that match your needs and are the best performing ones available.

We regularly monitor and update individual investor's portfolio and advise them in reallocating their portfolio from time to time.

Keep you update on the Mutual Fund industry & other financial products through Monthly Newsletters

Tools for Investors
Calculate Your Returns
Investment (Rs)
Period (months)
Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Frequency of compounding
Effective Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Maturity Value (Rs)

Savings Planner
  Define Your needs
  Your Savings Goal is Rs.
  Your current savings in hand is Rs.
  The interest your savings will attract is %
  You will save on for years
  The frequency of your deposits
  How Much to Save
  To achieve your target, you will have to Save Rs. every for years.

Retirement Planner
Your current age is   yrs
You will retire at   yrs
But, you need an income upto the age of   
So far,you have put away Rs.  for your retired days
Your current annual income is Rs.
You expect this income to grow by  % every year
You earn an interest of  % on your existing savings
You need to earn at % of your current annual income during each of your retired years
Your income from other sources such as pension funds and PPF etc., during retirement will yield Rs.  per year.
What you need
Adjusted to inflation you need an annual income of Rs.  on retirement.
For which, you will have to save another Rs.  per month.

EMI Calculator
What you need
You Require a loan amount of Rs.
For which the Interest Rate is %
On a Reducing Balance mode of
You wish to take a loan for years
What you will pay
You will have to shell out installments of Rs. every month.

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